We introduce ourselves “DRIZGAS TECH PVT LTD” as an organization, committed to provide quality product and services for air pollution control with excellent performance. We are specialized in chemical fumes control using fume extractor, wet scrubber, dry scrubber for variety of industrial applications: Chemical, pharmaceutical processes, reactors, chemical mixing, fume hood, research laboratories, Acid etching, solvent cleaning etc.

Our products and services are guaranteed to comply with recent pollution control board norms and local emission regulations. Our company is dedicated to provide innovative cost effective solutions for the industrial air pollution problems at indoor. With proven technology, we assist customer to select and design effective air pollution control systems. The capabilities we have are selecting suitable technique to capture and control chemical fumes.

Indoor air pollution is deterioration of air quality at indoor by harmful chemicals which are used in confined places where there is no proper ventilation. This enables the pollutants to accumulate easily than open areas. Health effects associated with poor indoor air quality are Irritation of eyes, throat, nose and lunges, headache, fatigue, problems in concentrating etc. However some pollutants do not cause immediate symptoms but can lead to long term effect. An average person does his professional work for 75000 hours in a lifetime at indoor environment. Hence it is important to make the work places to be good not only for comfort but to make workers to be healthy. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) regulates the climate conditions, temperature, ventilation levels inside the factory. In addition to that, also regulates the person’s health conditions and make them to be productive. Main factors affect the Indoor air quality are chemical release, poor ventilation and improper treatment. Industrial environments, some laboratories and process areas contain sources of pollutants, chemicals, particles, fumes. These pollutants should be captured by localized exhaust hood and should be treated using effective technology.

We help to investigate the pollutants sources and ventilation systems, controlling the harmful chemicals using effective treatment, and to maintain the air quality level to be safe for workers at indoor environment. Our solutions are to ensure good air quality at indoor environmental condition and protecting workers at the same time. We also address the potential problems reported by workers in the indoor and outdoor.