Bench Top Fume Extractor

Features and Highlights

  • Air handling volume of 50 CFM
  • Material of construction: MS + Powder coating, SS 304, SS 316
  • Efficiency up to 99.9 %
  • Compact design
  • Portable
  • Low noise


  • Soldering
  • Brazing
  • Chemical fumes
  • Solvent fumes


  • Drizgas Tech developed a small fume extractor that can able to capture low volume of fumes coming from soldering, brazing etc.
  • This fume extractor is compact and efficient source-capture systems designed to protect the operator’s breathing zone from harmful fume and particulate generated during a variety of applications, by sitting atop a table or workbench in close proximity to the application being performed.
  • It is used to eliminate airborne contaminants inside laboratories. It has an extraction fan which capture the fumes and pass to activated carbon filter, whereas the harmful fumes are captured.

How can I reduce my exposure to soldering fumes?

Installation of soldering fume extractor, which works in two steps

1) Source capturing

2) Filtering