Bench top fume hood

Bench top or table top fume hood is a system used to filter and/or exhaust gases, vapour or chemical fumes. Work bench is extensively used in various laboratories like chemical, microbiological, analytical and educational laboratories. It is resistant to large number of aggressive chemicals. The fume hood can be either ductless or ducted type.

Ducted fumed hoods are used to store and experiment the hazardous fumes, chemicals and vapour. Application such as high volumes of organic solvents and heavy powder uses bench top type. They provide transparent walls for optimum visibility and polypropylene spill tray for strong chemicals.

Ductless fume hood helps to dissipate and remove low concentration fumes from work area. They have built in blower where vapours, fumes are collected through perforations and cleaned, contaminant free air is released into the laboratory space.

These fume hoods are box-like type with vertical or horizontal sash window. The negative pressure will be maintained which prevent the ability of contaminates from going out.


Technical specifications


CRCA 18G Epoxy powder coated


MS pipe, 18 G powder coated

Working table

MS powder coated sheet covered with PP sheet


Exhaust system

Motor Blower assembly covered with GI sheet

Sash/ Door

Vertical folding type

Air velocity

0.5 m/s

Noise Level

65 dBA

Glass window

Two layer toughen glass

5 mm thickness

Adjustable height

Motor control

Make up air

Air needed to replace the air exhausted from a room by the fume hood and other ventilation devices

Face velocity

The velocity of the air passing through the work opening of the fume hood measured in the plane of the sash. Measured in feet per minute (fpm), or liters per minute

Electrical fittings

Electrical sockets and MCB switch


Fluorescent lamp or UV lamp

Optional accessories

HEPA Filter
Caster wheels
Horizontal sash
SS 314 / SS 316 MOC
Temperature indicator

Face Velocity Meter
Airflow Indicator
Audio / Visual alarm

Power supply

220 / 230 V

Standard features                    

  • Polypropylene construction
  • Fan Filter Unit
  • Fluorescent light
  • Quick-release housing
  • Air speed monitor


  • Fan module
  • Duct port
  • Airflow alarm monitor
  • External LED light
  • Polypropylene base cabinet