Soldering Fume Extractor

What is soldering

  • Soldering is a process where the heat exchange often leads to pollution getting transferred to the air. While at a small scale level, this may not make a big difference but when it comes to the big picture, this pollution can cause major health issues for your workers.
  • Person involved in the soldering job must avoid breathing the fumes coming out during the process.


  • High efficiency filtration
  • Removal efficiency of 99.9 %
  • Compact design
  • Portable
  • Low noise

Optional Accessories

  • Extraction arm
  • Flexible hose
  • Mounting fixture
  • Custom hood
  • Filter choking alarm indication
Emergency chlorine scrubber
Emergency chlorine scrubber


  • Soldering fumes (also known as soldering smoke) are hazardous fumes that are generated from the process of melting down the flux past its boiling point. Due to the high risk of worker exposure during soldering. OSHA suggests ventilation as a key to controlling soldering fume exposure.
  • Ventilation is the most important engineering control technique to maintain airborne concentrations of fumes at acceptable levels. Local exhaust ventilation is generally the preferred method. If a local exhaust system is properly designed, it will capture fumes at source of generation and transport the fumes to collection system before they can be dispersed into the work environment.
  • This solder fumes absorber is of great help to avoid health risk to the soldering system operator. It has a fan which attracts the fumes and activated carbon filter traps the harmful particles into it.
  • The extractors are able to absorb almost 100% harmful particles and fumes. This in turn allows you to facilitate the working of your workers in a fresh and clean environment. Additionally, the good working environment automatically increases productivity.

How can I reduce my exposure to soldering fumes?

Installation of soldering fume extractor, which works in two steps

1) Source capturing

2) Filtering

Drizgas Tech has two models based on the capturing points.

Specifications are given below



DSF 100

DSF 200

Air flow rate


100 CFM

200 CFM


280 mm (L) X 280 mm (W) X 380 mm (H)

450 mm (L) X 280 mm (W) X 400 mm (H)

Capturing point


Single capturing point

Double capturing point


Prefilter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter

Prefilter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter

Removal efficiency


99.9 %

99.9 %

Material of construction


MS + Powder coated

MS + Powder coated

Power supply


Single phase

Single phase


  • Capture all fumes generated by hand soldering
  • Wall-mountable design that guarantees less consumption of space
  • Bench top for ease of working
  • Portable design so that you can conveniently move it from one location to another without investing in too much manpower
  • Floor model