Caustic Fume Scrubber


  • Can handle air flow rate from 100 to 30,000 CFM
  • Removal method is Absorption / Chemisorption
  • Material of Construction: PP, FRP, PP+FRP, MS+FRP, SS 304, SS 316
  • High efficiency Tellerette®Tower Packing removes soluble/reactive gases, solid particulate and liquid droplets down to 7 microns
  • Lower shell serves as integral sump for recycle of liquid
  • Spray nozzles accessible from top of unit
  • Entrainment separators prevent liquid carryover
  • Special multi-bed packing designs accommodate different scrubbing solutions for removal of multiple contaminants
  • Efficiency up to 99 %


Caustic fume scrubber

  • In most cases, chemicals stored in polyethylene tanks require venting. In some instances, the harmful fumes emitted from the chemicals cannot be directly released to the atmosphere.
  • In order to reduce the harmful fumes before they evacuate the system and to control air pollution, fume scrubbers are installed. 

Working principle

  • Caustic fume scrubbers remove or neutralize the harmful substances emitted from combustion or the storage of chemicals.
  • It works by contacting the target compounds with a scrubbing solution. Often, the solution is simply water, but can be a reagent to address specific chemicals.
  • Some of the chemicals that can be vented from tanks are hydrochloric acid, and acetic acid.  When storing these types of chemicals, it’s important to construct a system that address venting needs by installing a compatible scrubber.
  • Drizgas Tech offers a cost-effective caustic fume scrubber system and we are the one of the leading manufacturer of caustic fume scrubber in India. The system introduces water or a specific scrubbing solution through a submerged plenum. The fumes percolate up and through the scrubbing solution, then vent out of the top of the scrubber system. 
  • If your applications need caustic fume scrubber or you are not sure, please contact us for more detailed information.

Additional accessories

  • Continuous pH monitoring system for scrubbing liquid
  • Dosing system for adjusting pH
  • PLC operated control panel
  • SCADA system


  • NaOH fume Scrubbing
  • Solvent vapor scrubbing
  • Inorganic chemical scrubbing
  • Plating industries scrubbing