Glue Vapor Scrubber


  • Air handling capacity: 1000 CFM
  • Removal method: Absorption
  • Gas-liquid flow : Water reservoir with venturi
  • Material of construction: MS+ Power coating, SS 304, SS 316, MS + FRP, PP + FRP
  • Efficiency : 99 % capturing efficiency and 90 -95 % removal efficiency
  • Accessories : Water filling port, water drain port, View glass, Control panel
  • Power supply: 3 phase


Glue vapor scrubber

  • Glue vapor scrubber is optimally designed to provide effective air pollution and laboratory personnel safety protection for ducted hoods.
  • This is especially designed for pollutants with sticky in nature, for example glue, paste, etc. This is especially for materials which are impossible or very difficult to separate out using a conventional fabric filter.
  • This includes explosive materials, materials which present at fire risk, dust containing flying sparks or sticky dust, greasy vapors, smoke or fumes. For these rather difficult materials, Drizgas Glue vapor scrubbers are a prime choice.
  • This is also called as “Wet dust collector”. Drizgas Tech is one of the leading manufacturer of wet dust collector in India. We provide highly efficient, top-quality vapor scrubbing system built around your precise requirements. 

Operating principle

  • The glue vapor scrubber consist of a tank with water, venturi part, mist eliminator and impeller. The impeller is positioned horizontally on the upper part of the wet scrubber, enabling an extremely compact design. The modular all in one design does not require much space and installing and setting up are easy, just plug and play.
  • First the flow of dusty, untreated gas is fed into the scrubber housing. The centrifugal forces immediately separate the coarser fumes which are wetted by the water, where they then form a sediment.
  • The gas flow with the finer dust is then fed to the venture scrubbing part. The finer dusts have to pass through the water fountain or vortex produced by low pressure which leads to them being very intensively washed out of the gas. This dust also forms a sediment in the water.
  • The gas flow then goes through the droplet eliminator section. At this point, tiny water drops carrying dust are separated out of the gas flow. After the mist eliminator section, the treated gas passes through the impeller to the outlet. Only the small amount of water which is lost through evaporation and sludge removal is replaced.

Additional accessories

  • Automatic water filling system: Float valve (size: 1 inch) is provided at the tank. It is required to connect the water line with this float valve. This will work automatically.
  • Water level indicator: Level transmitter with alarm system is provided. If the water level drops down below the low level, it will be indicated by alarm sound. So, this will be helpful, in case of float valve is not working.


  • Compact design
  • Economic operation due to low pressure drop
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning


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