Spray Tower Scrubber

Type of Technology

Removal of air pollutants by inertial or diffusional impaction, reaction with a sorbentor reagent slurry, or absorption into liquid solvent.


  • Wide Application and High Efficiency.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of harmful industrial waste gas and liquid.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Spray tower is a kind of wet scrubber for air pollution control, which is simple and easy to operate and maintain.
  • Less water and power consumption.
  • Stable running and high reliability.
  • Good Corrosion Resistance.
  • Strong abrasion resistance.
  • Long Service Life.


Spray Tower is a new gas-cleaning equipment, widely applies in industrial waste gas purification and treatment. It consists of tower body, liquid storing tank, air inlet, spray level, packing layer, demister, air outlet, manhole, etc.


Spray tower achieves gas purifying by neutralizing the acid-base properties of exhaust gas. Contacting exhaust gas with liquid, pollutants of exhaust gas will be transferred into liquid, then the purified gas is separated from polluted liquid and discharged into the atmosphere.

When exhaust gas enters into spray column through inlet and passes through packing plate, acidic and alkaline components in exhaust gas will be fully absorbed and neutralized by sodium hydroxide solution. After purifying, exhaust gas will be dehydrated through demister and discharged into the atmosphere.

The absorption liquid at the bottom of spray tower is pressurized by the pump and sprinkled from tower top. Finally, the liquid returned to the tower bottom for recycling. The purified exhaust gas can reach national discharging standards.


  • Spray Tower can be very effective in removing pollutants if the pollutants are highly soluble or if a chemical reagent is added to the liquid.
  • It is suitable for exhaust gas purification and treatment of chemistry, electronic, metallurgy, hardware factories, casting factories, etc.
  • We can produce it according to the information provided by customers, such as capacity of waste gas treatment, concentration, model.
  • Besides, we can manufacture it according to the drawings provided by the customers.


  • Spray Tower applies to all kinds of harmful gases, such as H2S, SOX, NOX, HCL, NH3, CL2, etc.
  • It can be used as a deodorization device applied in waste transfer station, waste water treatment plant.
  • Waste gas treatment device used at incinerator, industrial furnace and landfill.