Plastic Fume Scrubber


Fume scrubbers are used to seperate vapors from an influent airstream and work based on the principles of evaporative cooling and condensation.

Generally these vapors are acids used in manufacturing processes such as metal finishing, chemical processing, food, pharmaceutical and more.

Drizgas designs, builds, installs, and services scrubbers up to 50,000 cfm and with removal efficiencies up to 95%. Demist rates can be as high at 99.5% for droplets of greater than 20 micron size.

For difficult applications, we work with your engineering and maintenance staff to devlope custom scrubbers suited to your individual application.  To learn more about how we can improve your in plant air quality, and significantly reduce corrosion contact us today.


Contaminated air or gas enters the scrubber inlet where it is contacted with scrubbing liquor draining from the packed bed. The flow of gas then rises counter-current to the flow of the scrubbing liquor, through the packed section where neutralisation or removal of the contaminants takes place.

In order to efficiently absorb contaminants such as HCL, SO2 and NH3, a large surface area of contact is required to achieve interaction between the liquid and gaseous phases. It is the nature of the contaminant, the concentration at the inlet and the desired efficiency which determine the type, size and quantity of packing.

We design the packing to promote mass transfer with its multiple gas/liquid contact points, providing a large surface area, active surface renewal of the liquid phase and turbulent air flow characteristics.

Before discharge to the atmosphere the treated air passes through a droplet eliminator section at the top of the column.


  • Acid manufacturing
  • Chemical processes
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Foundary units