Packed Bed Scrubber

Important Points

  • Capacities up to 100,000 ACFM
  • High efficiency Tellerette® Tower Packing removes soluble/reactive gases, solid particulate and liquid droplets down to 7 microns
  • Lower shell serves as integral sump for recycle of liquid
  • Spray nozzles accessible from top of unit
  • Entrainment separators prevent liquid carryover
  • Special multi-bed packing designs accommodate different scrubbing solutions for removal of multiple contaminants


  • Controls Fumes & Gases
  • Ideal for High Loadings


A packed bed is a hollow tube, pipe or another vessel that is filled with a packing material. It can be designed with structured packing or this packing can be filled with a small object such as Raschig rings. Packed bed may contain catalyst particles or adsorbents such as zeolite pellets, granular activated carbon, and suchlike. Packed bed were created to improve contact between two phases in a chemical or similar process. They can be used in a chemical reactor, a distillation process, or a scrubber, also beds have been used to store heat in chemical plants.

The packed bed scrubbers is designed to remove gaseous or vaporous pollutants from an air stream. The process is accomplished  by contacting the contaminated air stream with a scrubbing liquor that absorbs or chemically reacts with the pollutants. The cleaned air is then discharged to the atmosphere and the contaminated scrubbing liquor is either disposed of in the approved can be recovered and reused in the original on other processes.


  • Vertical Packed Bed Scrubbers

In the vertical counter-current design, gas flows upward while scrubbing liquid flows down through banks of sprays. The absorption of gases takes place in the scrubbers random packing section and scrubbing liquid is introduced into a liquid through or spray distribution system. A high-efficiency mist eliminator removes entrained liquids. Clean gas exists at the top of the vessel.

  • Horizontal Packed Bed Scrubbers

In the horizontal design, gas flows horizontally while scrubbing liquid flows down through a liquid distribution system. The scrubber includes a random packing section where the absorption of gases occurs. A high-efficiency mist eliminator removes entrained liquids. An integral sump is located at the base of the packing section, eliminating the need for an external tank.


  • Chlorine and HCI removal.
  • Ammonia removal.
  • Water soluble VOC scrubbing.
  • SO2 and/or H2S removal.