Emergency Chlorine Scrubber

Type of Technology

  • Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Systems are designed to contain and treat accidental releases of chlorine gas.
  • Systems are offered to treat up to 3 tons of chlorine gas.
  • The Drizgas wet emergency chlorine scrubber is a three-stage single-pass chemical absorption system with very high efficiency horizontal packed bed sections.
  • An induced draft fan pulls the chlorine gas through the scrubber, where it contacts a recirculation caustic solution.
  • The scrubber system is factory pre-assembled, complete with induced draft fan, recirculation pump, instrumentation and controls.


  • Relatively compact
  • Very high disposal output
  • Can be built modular, multi-stage systems


  • Factory-assembled for easy installation
  • Proven in independent testing under a catastrophic one-ton gas release
  • Skid-mounted
  • Compact, low profile enables indoor installations
  • FRP construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Integral secondary containment
  • Heat trace and insulation
  • Designed to contain and treat up to eight 150-lb chlorine cylinders
  • Minimum maintenance at remote, unmanned locations


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