250 CFM – Emergency Scrubber


The ECS 250 is designed to neutralize a 150 pound (70 kg) chlorine cylinder at a continuous leak rate of up to 20 pounds per minute (9 kg/min.; 540 kg/hr).


  • Can handle high temperature streams
  • Versatile
  • Processes high moisture streams
  • Smaller space requirements
  • Can be retrofitted into current equipment (in some cases)
  • Provides cooling of heated gases
  • Higher removal capabilities than other equipment
  • Lower cost of purchase
  • Can remove gases and particulates, in a single unit
  • Able to neutralize highly corrosive gases and dusts
  • No secondary dust source
  • No temperature limits
  • Can handle highly flammable dusts, with very little risk of explosion
  • Several customizable options, based on specific output and applications, often allowing for a reduction in cost.


The ECS is a standard ejector–venturi, packed tower system which has been widely applied throughout industry for the absorption of various gases including chlorine. Fans are not required as the highly reliable ejector-venturi scrubber entrains the contaminated gas and causes air movement through the system. The first stage venturi is well suited to handle the high initial concentration of chlorine gas. After the gas exits the venturi the caustic is disengaged and contained within the separator. The gas then passes through the packed tower where the chlorine concentration is reduced to a level below, that required by the prevailing fire codes. A recirculation pump supplies the required caustic solution to the ejector-venturi scrubber and the packed lower.

The flow of liquid and gas is both co-current and counter-current with a liquid rate to each stage matched to absorption performance. This precludes the possibility of caustic starvation. The system has the capability to handle the worst case release rate of liquid chlorine based on total vaporization of chlorine.



  • Asphalt processing
  • Medical
  • Landfills and Biogas
  • Coating
  • Textile Processing
  • Tar Removal
  • Curing ovens
  • Vinyl Manufacturing
  • Acid mist control
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Steel Processing
  • Electronics
  • Food processing
  • Cocoa Processing
  • Nuclear Waste filtration
  • Printing
  • Precious metal recovery
  • Etching
  • Wood Products